Tomas Lydahl doesn’t just light a spark,
he ignites a flame that lasts a lifetime.


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Tomas Lydahl

Tomas Lydahl is not just an inspiring Author, Speaker, and Coach, but a catalyst for change. With years of expertise and a proven track record, Tomas doesn’t just speak about transformation; he embodies it.


As the former CEO of Europe’s third best company when it comes to job satisfaction, Tomas has firsthand experience in creating and sustaining a thriving organizational culture.

Dive into a journey where aspirations meet action, and let Tomas Lydahl help you bridge the gap between where you and your organization is and where you dream to be.

The first step to your transformation is just a phone call away.







While I rarely engage a speaker more than once, Tomas stands out. Drawing from his deep expertise, he delivers inspiration that’s both potent and pertinent. It’s no coincidence we’re Sweden’s top-rated optician.

Thomas Kusoffsky, CEO, Smarteyes International

Why should you hire Tomas Lydahl?

    • Elevate Your Event: Bringing Tomas Lydahl on board isn’t just about adding a speaker; it’s about infusing your kick-off with transformative steps and unique expertise. With Tomas, you’re not just setting the stage; you’re setting the standard.
    • CEO Expertise for Concrete Results: Drawing from his legacy as the CEO of one of Europe’s best workplaces,Tomas imparts not just motivational words, but actionable strategies. Experience firsthand the leadership abilities he has that turned aspirations into real-world successes.
    • Tailored Transformation: Every organization and every individual are unique. Tomas recognizes this, crafting a custom-made roadmap that aligns perfectly with your vision and goals. With him, it’s not about change for the sake of change; it’s about life long transformation tailored just for you.
    • A Catalyst, Not Just a Coach: In the vast sea of coaches, Tomas stands out as a genuine catalyst. His approach is fundamental change, ensuring not just professional growth but personal enhancement. Dive deep, discover your incredible innate potential, and witness a transformation that resonates in every sphere of your life.
    • From Insights to Action: It’s one thing to be inspired, and another to act on that inspiration. Tomas bridges this gap masterfully, instilling a proactive mindset that propels you from thought to action and dream to reality.
    • Make Every Moment Count: With Tomas, every interaction is value-packed, ensuring that you’re not just spending time, but investing completely in your well-being. Your journey towards discovering the incredible person that you truly are, will begin with exposing ALL mental limitations and removing every single one. Begins this crucial first step today!
    • Embark on a Journey of Discovery: The potential to achieve what you want most of all, lies within you. Let Tomas Lydahl unlock it, guiding you through a transformative experience that promises not just growth but evolution. Whether it’s a monumental kick-off or a personal coaching session, with Tomas, you’re not just aiming for the stars; you’re touching them.

    “Live life with joy and inspiration instead of with musts and frustration”